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Our handcrafted selection 

traditionally based  ~ seasonally inspired ~ crafted with care 



Herb & Garlic ~ Blonde base with oregano, garlic oil and fresh herbs.   $15

Margherita ~.Tomato base, fior di Latte, fresh basil, fresh buffalo mozzarella.  $20   

Picante ~ Tomato base, fior di latte, calabrese salami, olives, grilled red capsicum, fresh chillies, basil.  $20

Fungi ~  Blonde base, mixed grilled mushrooms with thyme, fior di latte. $20

Proscuitto ~ Tomato base, fior di latte, fresh prociutto, rocket, goats cheese, balsamic glaze.   $20

Carnivore ~ Tomato base, fior di latte, ham off the bone, pork sausage, steak bacon, salami.  $20

Trentham Potato ~ Tomato base, fior di latte, baked potato, rosemary, red onion. streaky bacon (optional).  $20

Ham & Pineapple ~ Tomato base, mozzarella, ham & pineapple.  $20

Aussie Tomato base, mozzarella, ham & egg.  $20


Pumpkin Tomato base, fior di latte, baby spinach, roasted pumpkin, fresh goats cheese & toasted pine nuts $20 

- extra toppings $3, gluten free available at an extra charge of $3

-  all our pizzas are 12" diameter, thin base in the traditional style of Naples

-  no half/half pizzas

-  fior di latte is a soft Italian style cheese traditionally used for pizza



Powlett St Ices ~ section of sorbets & ice creams, handmade with love. locally.   $6  

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